Walnut Whitney Dental

What Sets Us Apart

what sets us apart

We try to make each patients’ dental experience something to remember. That’s why families have been choosing our office for four generations! We treat the whole family with great care, compassion, and fun.

To put it simply, our team LOVES people.

We display love in the quality of care and personal attention we give to each person when they are in the office. We love to laugh and talk and make each dental appointment comfortable. We are good at remembering every detail of the new grandchild, soccer team, vacation, birthday, cruise, surgery, and illness. We are compassionate, sympathetic, caring, and comforting. We help the uncomfortable become settled, then leave comforted. 

Laughter and singing is common at our office. You can come and be yourself here. Bring your music, pillow or blanket, and be sure to bring a story so we can better get to know you on a personal level.